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STAR MAZDA SERIES is a category considered to be the starting platform for the rise of the drivers in the TOP American categories.  In Star Mazda, all open wheel race cars are built by Star Race Cars, with all safety and technology using carbon fiber, which provides more safety for the drivers.

The category uses Mazda rotary engines with 240 HPs, reaching speeds greater than 250 k/h.  The tires are the Slick type, provided by the American manufacturing company GOODYEAR.  The category has seen some Brazilian drivers competing in the tests, but the driver whose performance stood out was Raphael Matos, champion of the 2005 season.

Classification System:

1º: 44 2º: 40 3º: 37 4º: 34 5º: 32 6º: 30 7º: 29 8º: 28 9º: 27 10º: 26 11º: 25 12º: 24 13º: 23 14º: 22 and so on, up until the 35º position, which has 1 point.

The pole position for each round has one extra point as a bonus.